Client Feedback on Jasmine’s Coaching

Ludwig Dumont
CEO Willow

Scaling a company comes with quite some challenges. One of those main challenges is to ensure that the management team is future proof and that there is a healthy culture within that team that motivates progress and performance. 

Thanks to the workshop Jasmine facilitated, we started constructing an explicitly narrated / shared sense of direction within our management team. This direction is now enabling us in our day to day operations to work constructively together is achieving a common objective that is both rationally as well as emotionally shared.

Jasmine’s experience and guidance really elevated not only the process, but also the outcome and the impact for us. We have not only learned a lot about ourselves as individuals, but also about Willow as a team. Thanks to a tangible and actionable identification of strengths and weaknesses we are now able to build a better and bolder Willow!

Létondji Beheton
General Manager GDIZ Industrial Zone Bénin, at ARISE

Jasmine has been my coach for a year as I was onboarding into the role of General Manager of the largest and most diversified special economic zone in Africa. The role had several challenges related to the rapid upscaling of the operations, managing government and stakeholders’ relations, and compliance to international best practices.

During the sessions with Jasmine, we explored my leadership brand and the impact I wanted to have in engaging the team in the Zone. We looked at how to balance organisational tensions and build a high-performance culture.

I appreciated Jasmine’s insights and rich experience in the field. She astutely combines her executive assessment and coaching expertise without overloading me with information. She gave me quite a lot of food for thought!  

She is both highly personable and professional, and has the skills required to help transform a leader from a transitional phase to one of effectiveness and success driven by his or her inspiration to the team. I would highly recommend her as coach and advisor.

Constanze Nuesperling
former Vice-President Finance Transformation UCB

I had the pleasure of working with Jasmine as my coach during my time in Belgium. She is very trustworthy and professional. By applying several different coaching techniques across a range of sessions, my journey with her felt like building a puzzle. As we continued, there was one day where all coaching pieces came together. I could see the whole puzzle and was much clearer on where I wanted to go with my personal and professional life. Every coaching experience is unique, but I would definitely recommend Jasmine!

Vin DeRobertis
CEO Americas, Savantas

I met Jasmine when our holding company was doing some executive workshops to identify future successors within our business. It was a multi-step process with virtual workshops and assignments. I appreciated Jasmine’s dedication with getting to know me both professionally and personally; and her feedback was a very good indicator of how I see myself as well. There were areas to build around and feedback to grow, which allowed me to advance my skill set. Being a leader means you wear many hats, and Jasmine was able to break those down into different areas for me to focus on which was helpful in me being able to put her feedback into action.

Fintech executive

I really enjoyed working with Jasmine, and feel that her style of coaching really helped me tap into some subconscious limiting beliefs and trigger points, that were creating cognitive distortions for myself. I felt that the tools we used, such as the 360 were insightful to help me understand better how I am perceived by certain individuals, such as my manager. The triad conversation also enabled a new space for communication with my line manager, and feel that it's an important step for us to build a more effective feedback and feedforward best practice.

"Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better."

Maya Angelou
I trust you