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A transition to a C-level role marks your transformation from expert-functional leader into an organisational leader with broad, strategic impact.

An effective coach helps you to get a clear picture on what that means, and how to achieve it.

Why Coaching?

Transitioning into a C-level role is a thrilling experience, but it has its pitfalls. It requires you to enhance your leadership scope to the level of organisational impact. Often, we focus on our expertise and achievements to get promoted. Along the way, we might have lost touch with some essential leadership capabilities to lead transformation through others. Or, you might sense that you have not yet developed the network you desire to be effective at this level of your career. An experienced coach in C-level leadership transition will provide you with a tailored approach to conquer this challenge.

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How ?

Experience demonstrated that in order to be successful in a C-level role, you need to adjust to ‘the new landscape’ that can be viewed from a C-level role. This involves creating a voice for your strategic agenda and fostering new relationships with peers, your CEO and board members. It requires a thorough assessment of your leadership capability, and an understanding of what keeps you in balance. I captured these in a framework and refer to these elements as Business, Leadership and Resilience.


Bio Jasmine De Clerck

Prior to partnering with Spencer Stuart, a global leadership advisory firm, Jasmine was General Manager Benelux, France and Nordics for the Center for Creative Leadership, a top-ranked global provider of executive education. She assesses and coaches executives transitioning to a C-level role. For over a decade, Jasmine has been working as an independent coach for business leaders wanting to hone their business leadership skills.

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