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Business Leadership & Resiliency Coaching.

An essential element in your life at work is your transformation into an effective leader.

An effective coach helps you to have a clear picture on what that means.

Why Coaching?

As a leader you need Clarity of Purpose and Clarity of Thought. This is not easy to obtain when you transition into a new role or when you are in a situation of increasing pressure.

It is important to understand what you aim to achieve, to get a clear picture of the market and culture in which you are functioning, to weigh of your choices and leadership impact.

And you need honest and clear feedback on the effectiveness of your leadership.

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How ?

We work together through observation, measurement and dialogue. The coaching process creates a fully tailored learning journey on effective leadership. You will have the courage and skill to have your personal leadership brand come to life.


Bio Jasmine De Clerck

The breadth and depth of the leadership field is mind-blowing. I have been fortunate to explore those depths at one of the premier educational institutions in the field of Leadership: the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL).

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"Only Those Who Attempt the Absurd
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