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Executive Biography

I am passionate about customer focus, business models, growth and impact. I have experience leading an international business and assisting clients at multinationals to understand how they can optimise their leadership practice.

The breadth and depth of the leadership field is mind-blowing. I have been fortunate to explore those depths at one of the premier educational institutions in the field of Leadership: the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL). Beyond providing some of the best leadership education to its clients, the Center is also extraordinary in stimulating and rewarding the application of sound leadership practices by its leaders, and cultivating a rich network of leading practitioners and researchers.

Over the years, I have been exploring my own leadership style through a range of feedback and personality assessments, exploring the same with international leaders through coaching, while growing a business across several business lines and countries.

I lived and worked in diverse national and organisational cultures.

I started my career at a government agency for foreign direct investment, followed by four years at an American multinational with over 40,000 employees worldwide going through Chapter 11, then working in India assessing outsourcing opportunities across the value chain of a Belgian multinational in life sciences, enjoying work at a start-up consultancy firm before moving into global executive search.

My educational background includes a Master Degree in Applied Economic Sciences & International Management at the Catholic University of Antwerp; management programs at Harvard, the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development in the UK,  and the Antwerp Management School. As ICF accredited coach, I adhere to the Coaching Code of Conduct and continuously investing in  deepening my expertise. I work as a Coach on CCL’s Leadership Development Programs.

Clients include well-known brands in the life sciences, healthcare, luxury, financial services, engineering and supply chain outsourcing, FMCG, food ingredients, automotive, retail, environmental technologies and petrochemicals industry. This in addition to working with strategic consultants and digital disruptors.

The following quote shows an important aspect of my personality at work :


"Energy and Persistence Conquer all Things".

Benjamin Franklin
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